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Linköping University wins the HHK Innovation award 2018

Helios vehicle receives top prize for Sustainable Innovation


Delsbo Electric challenges students to design the world’s most innovative and energy efficient rail vehicles. With Helios, Linköping university pushed the boundaries of the competition to inspire both industry and students to focus on sustainable design.


”Helios is a beautiful concept and it inspires the industry and the world to think about energy efficiency during the whole product life cycle – not just when the product is in use. We want to award curiosity and creativity – Helios hits every mark”, says Paul Bogatir, Cluster Manager at HHK and chairman of the HHK Innovation Award jury. The jury consists of technology- and innovation experts within HHK.









26 maj 2018

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Linköping University won the HHK Innovation award 2017


The team has done a rigorous job on the aerodynamics using both computer aided simulation and water tunnel testing. But more importantly; they have dared to push the boundaries and try methods that no one has used in the competition before. That is why we reward Linköping University with the HHK Innovation Award for 2017, says HHK Cluster Manager Paul Bogatir


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