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The challenge is to design and pilot a manned, battery-powered rail-borne vehicle with the least possible energy use. The competition is open to those studying at colleges and universities.  Energy consumption is measured in Wh/passenger km.

The purpose is to give you a hands-on and inspiring project that drives progress towards a sustainable world.  Dalarna University with Eximus III, set a new competition record for railway vehicles in 2018 with 0.63 Wh/passenger km. Eximus IV reached that record once more during its win in 2019. Their total energy use, when converted to petrol, corresponds to about 0.63 ml to move a passenger a distance of 10 km.

The competition day is May 29, 2021, but test driving, socialising and check-in will start as early as Thursday, May 27. The competition route is a 3.36 km long section of the Dellenbanan, a railway with normal track gauge. Competing vehicles start in Fredriksfors, and the finish line is located at Delsbo station.

The rules are simple. Read them here >>

Delsbo Electric is about creating the smartest rail-borne vehicles. We want you to be involved in creating the technology of the future.

The participation fee is SEK 2,000 per team. A maximum of 15 teams will be able to participate and first come, first served. The last registration date is January 15, 2020. First prize is SEK 10,000. In addition, each team that breaks the current competition record from previous years receives a bonus of SEK 2,000.


The most interesting, fun and daring concept in Delsbo Electric will be awarded the HHK (Hudiksvall Hydraulics Cluster) Innovation Award. The winners are invited to visit HHK for some fun and inspiring days where they get to experience the best Hudiksvall has to offer in terms of food, entertainment and technology.

The team with the best project gets the “Best Completed Project” prize.

If you are aiming for a top position - keep the following in mind:

  • Do test runs of the vehicle ahead of time.

  • Practical and theoretical knowledge are equally important.

  • Good planning, communication and collaboration in the project group are crucial for success.

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Delsbo Electric

Our purpose is to drive the transformation to a more sustainable world with a tangible and inspiring experience for tomorrow’s engineers.

The task is to design build and drive a manned electrified rail vehicle. The most energy efficient vehicle wins.

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