Intention behind the regulations

In case of doubt that requires interpretation of the regulations, a jury appointed by the competition management will be convened. The regulations are then interpreted on the basis of the intention behind the wording.

The purpose of the competition is to drive technology development in energy efficiency, provide valuable education and provide the public with knowledge about future potentials in energy-efficient passenger transportation.

In our definition of passenger transportation, there is the requirement of travel safely and comfortability. For that reason, it is not permitted to have the passengers lying down, for example.

We have chosen that the vehicles should be powered by electrical energy because electric drive systems today are relatively energy-efficient, the energy can be easily measured and also fed back with high efficiency during braking. We do not take into account how the electrical energy has been produced because an energy-efficient propulsion is crucial for the vehicles of the future, regardless of whether they are powered by solar energy or energy from the electricity grid. We welcome, for example, operation with solar cells, but the energy from the solar cells will be measured and thus do not give a discount on measured energy. The vehicle must also not be powered by, for example, wind energy (sail) or muscle power, as this contribution cannot be measured by us.

All energy consumed by the drive system and its control must be measured. It is therefore not permitted to have, for example, a laptop or other electrical equipment with its own battery connected to the driveline side of the measuring unit. However, we allow a separate mobile phone that is read manually to be used for speed measurement, as we do not consider it part of the drive system.

Delsbo Electric

Our purpose is to drive the transformation to a more sustainable world with a tangible and inspiring experience for tomorrow’s engineers.

The task is to design build and drive a manned electrified rail vehicle. The most energy efficient vehicle wins.

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