Delsbo Electric is about creating the world´s most innovative rail vehicles. We invite you to design the future of rail travel.


The challenge is to construct and pilot your own battery powered vehicle using the minimum possible amount of energy. We have 2 competition classes. One for tertiary colleges, one for universities. Energy consumption is measured in Wh per person per km.


Delsbo Electric´s mission is to offer an inspiring, hands on project in a rail traffic environment and to highlight the energy efficiency of rail travel. During last years competition, Dalarna University broke the world record for rail vehicles by using only 0,73 Wh per person per km. Their total energy consumption would be the equivalent of less than 1millilitre of fuel to transport one person 10 kilometres.


The date for the 2018 Delsbo Electric competition is the 26th May but trial runs, socialising and check in starts on the 24th May. The track used for the competition is a 3,36 km long stretch of Dellenbanan between Fredriksfors and Delsbo station. Dellenbanan is a disused  standard gauge track.


The rules are simple and can be viewed at The enrolment fee is 2000 SEK per team. A maximum of 15 teams will be permitted into the competition on a first come first served basis. The closing date for applications is 15th January 2018.


First prize in each class is 5000SEK. In addition to this the team which uses the least amount of energy in both classes and wins the competition will receive an additional 5000SEK. Every university team that beats the competition record from previous years will receive a 2000SEK bonus. Every tertiary college that beats the competition record from previous years for tertiary colleges will receive a 2000SEK bonus.



If your aim is to reach a top position, take into account:

Allowing plenty of time for trial runs before the competition starts.

Practical and theoretical knowledge are both equally important.

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Good planning, communication and cooperation within your project group is key to success.

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