”The most fun on the

whole engineering program”


Luleå University of Technology and their vehicle Acus did not win Delsbo Electric, but for students Robin Nykänen and Eskil Svensson  the contest was the highlight of their engineering education.


- It was the most fun course I had, we got to  compete, meet new people and work with classmates, says Eskil Svensson, who is a second year student. He participated in Delsbo Electric along with ten other students in the framework of the course in Sustainable Energy.


The course comprises 7.5 credits, however students spend many more hours than expected on the  project - Eskil Svensson who was the project manager for the Luleå vehicle Acus spent at least 200 hours to design, measure and build the vehicle.


- You learn the importance of cooperation and problem solving. It’s very difficult to solve a problem when certain skills are lacking, so we had to look outside of our group for knowledge in electronics and electronic circuitry, says Robin Nykänen.


The hardest and most fun challenge was to construct the regenerative braking system that would slow down Acus at the finish line. It turned out that the driver managed to drive so energy efficiently that the system was not needed to be used and Acus  crossed the line in third place with energy consumption of 1.23 Wh per person per km. Next year, other students will continue the challenge of building the world’s most economical vehicles.


 - We can definitely recommend the

competition to other students.






Robin Nykänen and Eskil Svensson at Luleå University of Technology.

”The competition produces

top class engineers”


Real money, real suppliers and tight deadlines. Delsbo Electric is as close to working life as you can get. ”Participating students will be more sought after when they enter the work market”, says Patrick Kenger, head of  Industrial Engineering at Dalarna University.


- At Delsbo Electric, students can not miss deadlines or submit a late report. We must be ready and prepared at the starting line. This is like real working life  where delays can result in extra costs and failure, says Patrick Kenger.


One of the best things about participating in Delsbo Electric is that students get to build, with their own hands, the product that they have designed. Which is rare in University Engineering courses


- Engineering education consists to 50 percent of principles established in the 1700s such as thermodynamics. The other 50 percent must contain practical elements in order to keep pace with professional and technical developments in general. At Delsbo Electric we will be working with materials and prototypes that students will test and measure. Much as they would do in product development in the  working world, says Patrick Kenger.


His students have participated in Delsbo Electric since 2016 and Patrick Kenger believes that the competition produces better future engineers.


- The students develop incredibly well here. When they go out to the work place they have gained knowledge that they would not have attained on their regular

education courses.


- Students will be more employable engineers having participated in the competition. I often jokingly say our

students who have built the world’s most energy efficient vehicles Eximus 1 and 2, that I would like to sell them to the business community, just like  football players, says Patrick Kenger.






Patrick Kenger, head of Industrial Engineering at Dalarna University.

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